Forcing lower-case (the opposite of Shift or Capslock)

Just a quick question that may already have been answered elsewhere but is stumping me right now. I do most my work on my iPad Pro 10’5, especially when travelling. 99% of the time the combination iPad and TextBlade is just as comfortable A writing environment as my iMac at home (also with TB). There is one annoying little thing, though, that keeps bugging me. Typing on my iPad, I often end up with a upper-case letter auto-‘corrected’ by iOS or the app I’m in, for instance after a “?” or “!” where I don’t want one. So far I haven’t found a way of preventing this from happening. My workaround is to type the lowercase letter after the upper-case one and then delete the upper-case one. It’s doable, but not very elegant.

So, my question is: is there a chord that would force a lower-case letter? It would be a bit like having a ‘negative’ Shift or Caps-lock key.

I get that too. If you use the shift key to toggle through shift, caps lock, then uncaps lock that should force a lower case letter for the next thing you type

Pressing shift twice with a long enough pause to not engage caps lock will work for you too.

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Wow! You’re right. That works. Who would have thought?


Then there is also the auto-capitalise setting under keyboards in the Settings app. You could turn it off if it annoys you.

I had considered that but it’s only the exceptional cases that annoy me. For the rest it seems to work fine (and, yes, I am a bit lazy).