For Star Wars Rogue One Fans - a tech tidbit

An interesting technical aside for those so inclined -

Rogue One, the latest installment in the Star Wars epic series is now approaching a billion dollars at the box office.

For this prequel to the original Star Wars episode, Disney / LucasFilm / ILM had to bring back the character of Grand Moff Tarkin, Supreme Commander of the Death Star.

In the 1977 original, Tarkin was played masterfully by the celebrated British actor, Peter Cushing. He was so bloody good at it, there was simply no one else who would do to take his place. Complicating matters however, was the fact that Mr. Cushing had died in 1994.

The solution: new technology.

Peter Cushing was magically summoned for a posthumous performance through the wizardry of the folks at Industrial Light and Magic, ILM. With their state-of-the-art CGI technology, the artists and engineers at ILM created a highly precise 3D model of Cushing’s head. One of the tools they deployed was a high quality 3D Laser Scanner from NextEngine. Several engineers on the TextBlade development team had previously developed that scanner. 3D Scanners are actually quite complex, and very hard to do well.

On a recent ABC News NightLine broadcast, the people and technology that brought Grand Moff Tarkin back to life were showcased. Video showing the NextEngine scanner starts around 3:47.

The best and the brightest artists and engineers made this new blockbuster movie, and they chose the best tools to do it.

To help make Star Wars? Total nerd-heaven! :smiley:

We can’t wait to read that next best-seller novel, that was typed on TextBlade. Major Joy!

In a nutshell, why we do this.:pray:t3:


I would be only too happy to oblige.
Send me my textblade, and I promise that my next novel will be typed on the textblade…

I have a history of delivering.
You can already buy one of my existing novels at
They are also available on amazon and kindle :wink:


Since you have time to post, how about a status update? Any reason you can’t ship soon?



Fun to be have good folks and be proud of your team

Any chance the Textblade will be out before the next installment of Star Wars?


Ha! I find your lack of faith disturbing. Do not choke on your ambition, little Padawan. The Empire can create entire DEATH STARS the size of a small moon with ease, and the Textblade WILL BE our next achievement.

Unfortunately, rebel scum have stolen the plans for the Textblade and have placed booby traps in the plans we still hold, so its manufacture has been fraught with difficulty. We are able to scan the face of our Grand Moff with precision, but Textblades are not so simple.

Even so! We have threatened to encase our engineers in carbonite should Textblades not be available before the next instalment of the Great Saga.

As our eternal enemy Yoda states, ship or ship not.

There is no try. Unless you play rugby league.

Darth Wayder out.


Well, December 14 is quickly approaching, and due to the lack of communication from Santa Monica, it seems very likely that we will see the next Star Wars installment (or two) long before the ever elusive TextBlade makes it to us.

I’m trying to keep the faith!

Help me way-tools-kanobi, you’re my only hope!

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