Fitting on an iPad

Is it possible to fit an unfolded textblade and an iPhone (6) with nanostand on an iPad Air 2?

So you can type on your iPhone utilizing your iPad as a table on your lap.

I don’t see why not. Should be room to spare. But iPhone 6 in portrait orientation in nanostand on iPad on lap may teeter and fall if you’re not careful and adjust your seating position.

Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

Yes, and the SmartCover magnets hold the TB quite securely… The iPhone is quite stable here and the NanoStand is grippy on the Smart Cover, but not magnetically locked.


Thank you very much for sharing the image!

Another way to use the nano stand is to attach it to your phone in portrait mode and then just turn your phone on it’s side, so the nano stand becomes a kickstand. May be a bit more stable on the iPad cover because the whole long edge of the phone would be flat on the surface. I would take a picture, but it’s hard to do that with the device your taking the picture with is the subject of the picture. :grinning:

I could imagine the viewing angle isn’t that good using your method?

should be adjustable then as you would be able to change it by changing the height of the nanostand-attachment and hence the tilt backwards :sunglasses:

Yes. For my 6s+ it is pretty much the same angle portrait and landscape when the nano stand is centered on the home button. I’ll see if I can post some pictures- need to borrow my daughter’s phone.


Hi Jim, What sort of case is on that phone?

It is the Apple leather case.

One more thing is that the regular or XL stand you are showing?
I am using an OtterBox commuter case on my phone and i think its just a tad thicker than the leather case.
I kind like the idea of using the stand on the end like that… clever!

It is the XL. The regular one would not fit. There isn’t much difference between the two, but enough. The XL fits quite tight with the Apple case. If the commuter is thicker, you would probably need to modify the nano stand.

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Yeah thats what what I was already thinking… Ahh well, not too big a deal to modify a little…

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Oddly enough I never thought to try that, using the stand on the side.
Good post.

I tried using the stand on the side with my phone in landscape mode and the stand slides right off. I think they key difference is I don’t have a case on my phone.

Yes. Without a case I think the XL may do that, unless you tighten it up with some sort of spacer. I think the regular stand is meant for a bare phone. It is really dependent on the thickness of your phone.

Yeah, that’s what I thought too. And if it slides down then phone would have a pretty bad angle.

That angle looks a bit steep, but otherwise I REALLY like that setup - it’s so functional yet compact and portable.

I just ordered myself an iPhone 7+ a couple days ago with an estimated shipping date of 12/7/16. I’m stoked to (eventually) have a text blade to pair with it. I wonder which will ship first?

(I feel like I just poured gasoline on a fire).