Encrypted Storage

What do you guys think of using the text blade for a password manager using macro expansion with encrypted storage?

It could be a combination device that acts as a hardware token.

Can’t wait to start playing with the dev api!


I use 1Password, and if I could locally store a copy of my encrypted database on the TB…wow. That could be REALLY nice.


Woah, that’s a seriously cool use case. Something like that could make the Textblade a valuable tool for security professionals.


So @waytools, how much storage is available on the Blade itself, and will the api be able to access it? Or perhaps use it as a light weight portable drive? You know, per the potential use cases above? :slight_smile:

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It seems like it will definitely be possible to keep an encrypted password store on the Blade, based on the fact that text is tiny, and the @waytools initial answer to this post: Internal Memory Specs

I personally use and love LastPass, so its a bit less of an issue for me, but locally stored encrypted data would be great. (I’m guessing there’ll also be enough room for a copy of TrueCrypt and an encrypted folder.)

Yup, passkeeper for the win!

I prefer KeePass as there are clients for Windows, OSX, Android, iOS (all of which I use), and others.