Edit Layer Tweak

While I wait for my Textblade, I’ve been using the emulator @wmertens created for Karabiner, which is just great and something I recommend to everyone here as a way of getting the learning curve out of the way. After a week, though, as I near the end of that curve, there’s still a sticking point that I can’t quite get past and am beginning to think the map might need tweaking:

The move-by-word keys are on the top row now (U and O) but my instinct tells me they should really be on the home row (where the move-by-character keys are now). Normally, when navigating, the first key I reach for on my Macbook is the Option Key, which lets me move by word and gets my cursor quickly to a given spot; only then I take my finger off the Option Key and fine tune the cursor placement with the arrow keys. When using the emulator, I find my fingers keep expecting the move-by-word keys to be at J and L and are always kind of surprised when they’re not.

I thought that after these five days or so, I’d get used to it, but so far I haven’t.

Obviously MultiMap will allow me to make this tweak easily, but I just wanted to poll the crowd here to see if others have felt the same way as they adjust to the keyboard and if, after a while, it begins to feel more natural.

TREGgers, what do you think?

I appreciate TextBlade’s layout, preferring to be on home position as I make final, incremental adjustments. My tendency, when I jump through a document, is first to climb or drop vertically, then step horizontally and finally creep, character by character. Think x-y plot.

Interesting. I suppose i could learn to see it that way, the final adjustments as coming home. I’ll have to play with it some more.

I do the same as brotherlea, so first cursor to the line, then wordjump to the word and finally to the letter. I don’t have the problem that I want to type J instead of U to go back a word.

In the beginning, I kinda wanted to have the word movement be on the bottom row and home/end on the top row, but now I’m really used to the TB layout. I imagine it will be just a short adjustment period to get the hang of the TB layout.