Dilemma - which to use?

I’m not a keyboard power user. I’ve been happily using the Textblade for taking notes and writing, generally in meetings and while travelling. I know I could do a lot more with it, especially in Excel, but I haven’t put in the effort to develop that usage. I’m perfectly happy with it as that’s why I ordered it.

Yesterday though, I got my Planet Gemini (see below). 2 months late from Indiegogo. I’m particularly interested in it as a turnkey platform for stuff that we develop but, as a long time Psion user, it calls to me. It’s clearly going to win for standing usage with thumbs but what will I use for meetings and travelling?

I don’t know. I think that I’ll take both with me on a trip to the Far East next month and to Italy after that and find out.

Ps. This was written with the Textblade.

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It would be interesting to hear you opinion comparing key feel, cramped keys, etc. the basic stuff. Then go into customization options, etc.

Of course the TB can be used with multiple devices rather than just with the one.

The Gemini looks nice !
I was a Psion user and have been eyeing it to be used like a mini laptop with Linux as it can be set to boot it directly instead of Android.
If you could do a small review of it overall. And how the keyboard feel compares to the TB it would be great.

BTW, from your pic it shows a relatively big bezel specially on the right. I do not remember seeing such a huge bezel from the Indiegogo page, but remember somebody complaining about the screen size / resolution in some review of the preproduction model. Would be great to hear from you what you think overall.