Could this be noteworthy?

Since I’m not a member, all I can see is this:

FINDINGS OF FACT AND CONCLUSIONS OF LAW signed by Judge Andre Birotte Jr.: Plaintiff has failed to establish standing for any of its claims, and consequently the Court finds in favor of Defendants. Plaintiff’s request for relief is DENIED. Defendants are ORDERED to file a Proposed Judgment within five days of the issuance of this Order, to which Plaintiff shall have five days to object. (gk)

Sounds like good news for Mark. Perhaps someone else can see more and report on it?

This is only one of two cases I know about and that other one apparently isn’t scheduled to do anything until December. Though maybe this decision could influence it? The link for that one is:

Only note I can add is that it was filed on 9/3. "Mark’ has 5 days to file a proposed judgment, which I’m sure he has done, and [the troll] has 5 days to object, which will be next Friday, 9/17.

I wonder about what that “proposed judgment” means. A judgment for legal costs or something?

And, of course, I’d love to know if it could have any impact on the other case which, I think, before covid hit was trying to pick jurors.

I’m no lawyer, but I’m guessing your comment about legal costs, and hopefully some punitive damages - whatever the business equivalent is of “pain, injury and suffering.”


And “failure to prove standing” probably means he couldn’t even prove he had the right to file the suit, thus his action created and caused Mark pain. Just my wag (and you recall WAG stands for Wild Ass Guess)!


Two new reports about the lawsuit.

Sept 15:
FINAL JUDGMENT AFTER STIPULATED FACTS TRIAL by Judge Andre Birotte Jr.: Based upon the Findings of Fact and Conclusions88 , it is hereby ORDERED, AJUDGED, AND DECREED that JUDGMENT is entered on all counts in favor of Defendants NextEngine, Inc. and Mark S. Knighton, and against Plaintiff NextEngine, Inc. Plaintiff is not entitled to any relief from Defendants and shall take nothing by its suit. This is a FINAL JUDGMENT. (MD JS-6, Case Terminated). (gk)

Sept 16:
REPORT ON THE DETERMINATION OF AN ACTION Regarding a Patent or Trademark. (Closing) (gk)

There is more available, but you have to be a member. If anyone is, sure would be nice to know the details!


For those interested, I believe this is the original complaint that was just dismissed. I think this is the second case that I believe is has a hearing coming up in December.

Also, I don’t see how either is directly related to the TextBlade. The first appears to be about funding, several 3D digitizer patents, trademarks, and the assignments thereof to different, related entities. The second appears to deal with a default on a loan and assignment of patents to ShareTools, and not getting board approval. But I Am Not A Lawyer, so hopefully someone who is can comment.

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Good to have. I don’t suppose you have access to the final decision on the case that was just decided (unless there is no detail beyond the tiny bit that I posted before)?

Also, since Mark was supposed to put in a “proposed judgment” and the plaintiff to make any objection to that. If those documents are available, that would be great!

That was just from Googling, so public records. I didn’t pay the $14 (or whatever it was) to see whatever else might be behind the final judgement.

Yeah, I did a free trial to get some info, but to get what I really wanted, there was a fee. Didn’t want to do that either!