Corne-ish Zen alternative

While definitely much larger than the TextBlade, the DIY space is collaborating towards comparable technology. Completely understanding that the size is nowhere near en par. One benefit here is the leveraging of off the shelf technology for as much as possible. ZMK is up and coming and should be pretty refined in coming years.

The TextBlade GUI for managing layers and customization is also far superior.

The price here is very high. Much of this is the downside of low volume production and the one downside of out of the box components that have their own markups from so many sources.

I have been recently using a keyboard with a kailh pg1350 variant and while not en par with the TextBlade it is very useable.

If both were in the wild, and for sale, it would be hands down TextBlade day in and day out. Since he is still working on firmware it is still to be determined when this will be available for sale.