Considering ordering a 2nd textblade, gift status?

My daughter, who was a toddler when I first placed an order, is now a nearly full-fledged keyboarder. And so I’m considering ordering a second textblade to get her started right (and wreck her ability to tolerate standard keyboards forever).

I’m hoping someone here knows the guidelines around the free gift. e.g. if I add a second unit to my order will it also come with the early adopter gift? (Not knowing anything about the nature of the gift, I’m not even sure if this question makes sense.) Or should I place a second, independent order in her name?

The gift itself is not my focus, naturally, but if ordering one way gets it and another way doesn’t I’d prefer to make the right choice :slight_smile:

I imagine that a lot of preorders would have become multiple orders if there had been a general release.
As waytools are keeping the gift secret, there is no way to make an informed decision.

With no fixed delivery date in sight and your lengthy wait so far I find it hard to understand why you would even consider doubling down on your order, but if you have money to spare then why not.

Alternatively there are plenty of commercial and diy ergonomic keyboards available right now.

I made a modified dactyl for home and work, but the Kinesis Advantage2 looks pretty good as an off the shelf purchase.


He’s probably just planning ahead for his grandchildren… :wink:

Since we don’t know how the gift changes over time (earliest orders get the best gift), it’s really hard to say much about whether it matters to an order placed now. You bring up a good point though, about whether or not ordering more than one gets you multiples of whatever the gift is. I mean, does a person who ordered two the first day get two of the top gifts? WT will have to answer how this works.

My guess would be that this long after orders started, the gift would be a minor benefit, but I could be wrong. OTOH, early orders get the free multi-map free which normally costs $19 so that’s something right there.

I seem to remember that quite a while back here on the forums, someone had already covered this about adding items to their order.

I also seem to remember that the original order was left in place and a new order created so as not to mess up the free gift but this wasn’t the only reason. I think to make a change, WT have to refund your original order and then place the new one. If this is the case, I can see how that would mess up your timeline and what gift you get.

This could also have been just dream lol.


I originally ordered one text blade in March, 2015, then in May, 2015 I emailed them asking if I could change it to two text blades. They told me I could keep my place in line with a small change like that, but trying to change from one to ten text blades or something like that couldn’t be done. So, I still have my March, 2015 priority (and I’m guessing whatever reward level goes with that), even though I now have two on order.

I said all that to say, email them and ask. It can’t hurt. I have no idea if you get double the rewards as well, but that’s even more of a reason to email and ask.


After all this time I’m expecting a free Tesla Model S.