Compatibility with Apple OS X El Capitan

This one is pretty important to me. I find that, ever since I installed El Capitan on my MB Pro, that both of my Logitech peripherals (wireless keyboard and mouse) have gotten squirrely – the keyboard is suddenly unable to pair to the computer, and the reliability and precision of the mouse is suddenly and very badly degraded. Logitech tech service has been an enormous waste of my time – they have no idea of whether and when the needed patches will be available. So, two bricked devices. Please tell me that the TextBlade will have achieved full compatibility with El Capitan before it ships. Thanks in advance for your reply.

Tommy, were your Logitech devices ones that use their proprietary USB dongle (“Unifying receiver”)? If so, that receiver likely needs a custom driver and El Capitan + OSX security model appears to need every device driver tweaked or recompiled or something to be installable under El Cap. FYI there appear to be ZERO USB wifi-AC adapters available for OSX El Cap at the moment for this reason.

I think because Waytools uses Bluetooth, it does not need any custom drivers for OSX and will just use the built in Bluetooth stack/software/drivers.

I think you should be fine as long as you have a newish Mac with Bluetooth 4.0+ built in. If you have an old Mac (or old PC), you’ll need a USB Bluetooth 4.0 dongle and the driver (and HID over GATT) issues apply which have been talked about here before

Ricb: Thanks very much for that. I do have fairly recent unit w/ BT 4, so it sounds like I’ll be OK. In the meantime, I’ll be reverting to a wired Apple keyboard and a new Magic Trackpad 2. I’ve had it with the third-party device manufacturers getting blindsided every time Apple changes course. Thanks again!

BTW, I would appreciate a direct, authoritative comment on this issue from the folks at WayTools when you get a chance.

TommyCR - confirm that we use the native Mac 4.0 drivers and don’t require a dongle for modern (2012 forward) Apple devices.

The recent El Capitan release did disrupt Bluetooth for many keyboards. Surprisingly, we could not even pair Apple’s own new Magic Keyboard with a recent MacBook Pro Retina either. The wired connection works, but it would not pair through the wire or by pin.

Glitches like this on intro are not that rare, but given the extent of outage we believe Apple is on the case right now and hopefully will restore service soon.

We’ve been spending cycles on this and based on the broader data with other keyboards, we’re hopeful we’ll not have to engineer a workaround once Apple issues a fix.

Thanks for the response WT.

I’d just like to add my two cents: I use a logitech mouse and keyboard via unifying receiver on my late 2011 MB Pro*. I also use an Apple Wireless (bluetooth) keyboard on the same laptop - all peripherals have worked fine for me since upgrading to El Capitan. It seems whatever the issue is only affects certain device combinations.

  • The late 2011 MB Pro does’t have a low energy bluetooth receiver.

WTT: Thanks very much for the quick response. Apple once again demonstrates that it’s a moving target. I think I agree that Bluetooth dysfunctionality is more likely to get Apple’s attention than individual third-party peripheral potholes. Regarding combinations, I’ve got an early MB Pro running BT 4.4.2, a Logitech k750 keyboard from last year, and a Logitech MX from a few years ago that’s been my primary mouse (although I have a Logitech m705 mouse I bought this year, which is having similar problems). I hope that my attempt to dispense with mice entirely in favor of the new Trackpad will be successful and insulate me somewhat from future Apple changes. I very much look forward to using TB as my primary keyboard for my docked MB Pro/Thunderbolt display setup. I’m also getting a better sense, enabled by what you have shared so far, of how much FUN and how EASY it must be to develop a new class of device to drop into this changing environment. Keep up the good work, guys – I appreciate the effort.

RominRonin: Thanks for your input on this issue. I think your dead on about the pieces-parts nature of the situation – a range of permutations of various types and versions of devices trying to work together and often failing, followed around by IT groups at various companies trying to patch things together again. Pleased to hear that you didn’t get fragged by the El Capitan rollout. But it really is a bit of a crap shoot, ain’t it? Thanks again for chiming in… THIS is what a forum should mainly be for.

Sorry, make that “an early 2013 MB Pro Retina”, just for clarity. Thanks again – you’re in the home stretch of a very challenging effort. Outstanding.