Changing orders for international customers

I realized that every time I changed the order, waytools refunds the order and create a new order. This is very inconvenient and financially penalizing to international orders because the cc refunding process charges a penalty for exchange rate both ways.

Now that I want to take advantage of the 6 pack - didn’t see it before, how do I do it without you refunding my whole order?

Xoanohn - the reason the server auto-refunds and does a new transaction, for say, an address change, is in case tax rates may have changed for the new location.

Since the dollar was cheaper at the time of original order, it may be advantageous to keep the original currency exchange rate in place.

To do this, just leave the address alone for now, and when you get your shipment confirmation, let us know by email about the new address, and we can manually revise the address as needed. This will avoid the auto-refund, and a new currency conversion by the automated bot on our servers.

So don’t worry, we won’t ship it before we get your confirmation that all the configs and addresses are correct and the way you want them.


…but he said he wanted to buy a six-pack, not change his address.

I don’t understand. I want to add another 200 for a six pack.

Ok, we see what you mean. Did you calculate the currency impact vs. the change dollar cost?

For example, if you get an interim refund in dollar denomination, and then rebill a dollar-denominated purchase, there shouldn’t need to be any currency loss on the original purchase. Only the the extra 200 would be at the new exchange rate.

In effect, your refund would show gains, because you bought those dollars when they were cheaper, so your refund would now be worth more local currency.

One simple method to limit exchange conversion loss would be to just make a separate new order for 200, and send us an email note listing the two order numbers, and your desire to convert to a six pack.

We can merge the orders for you at shipping time so you don’t have to change the original order at all, and don’t take any back and forth conversion cost.

That’s probably the best way to get what you want without exchange rate risk.


Ok I’ll do that. It doesn’t matter what the dollar is now any way because I get charged conversion fees at both instances - at buying and at refund.