Changes to order cause refund and then rebill

I just updated my order to add an additional nanostand so that I would have one of each size. While I was changing the order anyway (and my impatience getting the better of me), I decided to upgrade my shipping at the same time. I was charged the entire $132 and a refund of $108 to be posted in 7 days.

I’m not sure why @waytools didn’t just place a credit card charge for the $24 difference rather than charging for the entire order and refunding the original price, but I wanted to share my experience so someone else might not get surprised when it happens to them.

Eagerly awaiting the arrival of my TextBlade,

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Bill - yes, we do refund the entire prior order, and then make a new charge for the modified order, whether it’s more or less.

It seems logical that we could just transact for the difference, but here’s why we can’t -

This quirk is because we don’t keep your credit card data. None of our staff sees it, and we don’t keep a record of card numbers in our order servers.

This means that even if our servers were compromised by hacking, it would be unproductive because there are no card numbers on it.

This was a conscious architectural choice we made to protect our customers from a hassle if there were a breach like what has happened to Target and other large commercial enterprises. We use a higher standard of security than is practiced by most online stores, because we think it’s safer.

So because we don’t have the card, we can’t transact a new amount. The only thing we can do is void the entire original transaction.

Ergo the full refund followed by a separate charge for the revised amount.

Another interesting note -

We also do refunds immediately, and give control of the funds to your card company the moment you request it. But they usually don’t post it online for several days, (maximizes their float). However, if you call the 800 number on the card they can usually verify the credit the next business day.


That is the sort of information that should be held in a FAQ entry as it will make customers much happier with the way a change to the order has been handled.

Itimpi - good idea. We’ll add it to the FAQ.

I just saw I could change my order to add Waycare, so I did. With the refund/charge, will this affect my place in the shipment queue? I preordered something like January 13, basically the minute I saw it.

I changing ones order for that sort of addition lost your queue position then everyone would be up in arms! Certainly when I changed mine it did not have any effect on the predicted delivery date.

I think the one thing that might lose the queue position is trying to add additional Airtames to the order (but I am not even sure about that).

From what WayTools has told me in PMs and what has been shared by them in the forums, adding additional TextBlades will bump you in queue.

Changing keycaps, adding additional keycaps, changing and or upgrading shipping options and or shipping address and even payment types will NOT effect your spot in queue.

also, is there any charge for changing the nano stand or the keyboard mapping?

if there is, the price should be listed before we have to pull the trigger. currently, there is no notice of price.

if it’s free, that should be in the FAQ as well.

oh, and it would be nice to see what the nanostand xl looks like with pictures as well… i wouldn’t want to change it to discover that it looks and fits differently with the rest of the keyboard compared to the standard nanostand.


I went from Qwerty to Legend-free without change in price nor refund/bill

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There is no additional charge for selecting different keycaps or the XL nano stand. There will be somewhere around $7 charge for ADDITIONAL keycaps once they are made available. Currently you are only able to select which set of keycaps will be your default set, the addition of EXTRA keycaps is still not available.

The fit of the XL nano on the TextBlade will be identical to the standard nano stand. The gap in which you place your device will be larger by 1mm (Standard nano 7.5mm vs XL nano 8.5mm). This does not affect how it covers the TextBlade while in storage mode.

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Just so it’s stated explicitly, you can use 2 stands (of either size) on one TextBlade.

NanoStand, Source

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Travelingtech, junk, and rominronin are correct.

You can put two NanoStands on TextBlade, at the same time, whether XL or Regular.

The difference is in the slot size for devices/cases.

There’s no charge for configuring your NanoStand for Regular vs. XL.

Can please you clarify if adding an extra NanoStand (so as to have on of each) would effect any existing shipment date or “place in the queue”.



It was stated earlier that the only thing that would affect your place in the queue is attempting to add additional Textblades.

I added a second nanostand to my order recently, the eta date has remained the same.

The addition of accessories like the nano stand does not change your position in queue. Only thing that can affect your position is adding more TextBlades or canceling your order and allowing enough time to elaps that it would not be reasonable to re establish your place in queue if you uncanceled your order.

Why did you choose to make the XL only 1 mm larger. To be honest, that’s not a big difference when thinking about devices with thin cases.

The bump from 7.9 mm to 8.6 mm does not sound like much, but it is the operative difference that allows it to both fit properly, and balance correctly.

The reason you can’t simply make it more than large enough is that too loose becomes unstable.

At the right size, it just goes in and works.

No fiddling, just slip it in.