Changed my order - charged me again without a refund

I just changed my order and it charged for the whole order again without a refund.

Is it supposed to do this?

Yes. I changed my order last year or the year b4 and I emailed them for the same reason. Idr the answer but I believe u will get a refund. Jist takes some days for bank to put it thru. U also keep ur OG place in line

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I thought they changed doing this. I had a 6 pack plus two chargers and I changed it so it would be the 6 pack.

Waytools charged me almost 800 CAD. Doing it this way, when I get the refund, I get charged for cc fees plus conversion fees - which adds up when it is abloom a grand Canadian. I couldn’t they just refund me the 20 dollars?

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They told me on Monday that it could be an error of typing my cc number wrong. How did they charge the whole order again. Told them that the expiry date changed but the number is the same. No responses yet.

Do they usually take this long?

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I’m not sure that “usual” applies anywhere right now. Especially in business timelines.

I got a phone call last I think on Friday to sort it out. It may have been due to the fact that the cc expire at the end of this month.

During the reorder process, I realized that my initial order was in Jan 14, 2015. I’ve initially ordered 1 then 2 then 3, and now a six pack. I really really really hope it ships soon. I’ve changed jobs 3 times and started back in school and now I am almost finished. I hope I can use it for at least some of my dissertation.