Can I keep my place in the queue if I enter a new shipping address?

Hi, does anyone know a way to change shipping & order information without losing one’s place in the queue?

If I change my address (it’s been a few years, I’ve moved countries!) the system will refund my original payment method and charge me anew, calculating a new sales tax etc. from what I’ve read on the forum.

My problem is, the old address/card are no longer valid, and I don’t want to lose my place in the queue. Is it possible to keep one’s place in the pecking order but somehow just update the shipping address?

For what it’s worth, currently my order claims a charge date of 7 November and a ship timeframe of WINTER. But that’s probably november/winter of the year that I ordered… for fresh orders it promises a charge date of 24 September and a ship window of SPRING.

I’ve already lost my place in the queue due to on order change, and I don’t want it to happen again as we seem to be getting closer to GA. And I’d hate to miss out on whatever pre-order benefits @waytools has planned for early customers.

I have emailed waytools for the address update (, no reply yet) and had also asked if it was possible to reinstate my original ship date from 2018 or so.

update, now my order link is showing I have no items in the order. I didn’t cancel or refund, was just viewing the website to try and change the address…

_nunb - we’ll check this for you, in the meantime pls note that your personal link should be kept secure.

Since we send notification emails prior to shipment, you’ll have the opportunity to update your shipping address - we confirm all that with the notification.

Thanks @waytools, I will refrain from logging into your website until I have the pre-shipment notification. Having messed up a prior order I don’t want to risk it again. If I get a reply on my email I shall respond with the links and screenshots… have a good weekend! cheers, _N