Bluetooth adapter in place of NanoCharger

I was thinking that, with TextBlade’s cited battery life, I probably won’t need the charger with me every day. So, then, would it be possible to engineer a Bluetooth dongle to fit in the charger slot, so that if I want to use my TextBlade with any computer or device, including those that aren’t Bluetooth capable on their own, I just have to pop out the dongle from my TextBlade, stick it in a USB port, and have it pre-paired and ready to go?

Maybe combine this BT dongle with a flash drive, for a little extra utility–a system to access the files that are on my TextBlade’s memory (Via the BT link), as well as store a few documents or files I want to work on wherever I connect my TextBlade.

As a final feature, perhaps make some notification on the TextBlade (Does it have a speaker that can beep? I know the lights can flash) for if I try to get up and leave while my dongle is still in a library computer or something. Not sure if my TextBlade could put a notification on my smartphone, maybe through MultiMap or the companion app, “Hey, you were using the dongle last time, and now you’re back on your phone. Did you remember to grab the dongle?”


This is a really good idea.

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This idea was on this forum before.
Waytools had the idea of integrating a dongle into the charger - but of course will finish the textblade before investigating :wink:

You might as well go a bit farther with a BT dongle with storage, and just get a PC on a stick. Intel’s Compute Stick has BT, storage, and is driven from the HDMI dongle. In the not too distant future, you will have a TextBlade and PC-on-a-stick in your pocket; only need a monitor or TV and WiFi to get going…

I am sure that the most probable future is that with WiDi/Airplay/Screen mirroring; phones & tablets will totally replace most PC’s for all but the most hardcore graphics intensive applications - and TextBlade seems to have a role in that future.