Been a busy 4 weeks

Been traveling quite a bit with the new job. How I’d love to lighten my load and trade my MBP for an iPad Pro and a new textblade.


what app do you use in order to do that picture?

Flying MD11s for UPS?

EDIT: Looking at it more closely, that’s NGO and not KIX. I give up; I can’t think of an airline that flies Anchorage to both NGO and KIX.

It’s from LogTen Pro.

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I fly the 747 with National Airlines.

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Even if the TextBlade were available today, Apple refuses to ship Mac OS X (or macOS if you think renaming things is cool) on iPad.

Therefore, my iPad rots in a drawer.

Wow. That’s even more travel than I used to do. (3+ million miles)

I am curious if there will be more updates on the TextBlade … it’s been pretty quiet now for two years.

Let’s hope we get an update and the GR soon.

I know you know about this, but in case any newcomers don’t, or have forgotten, there have been things that can count as tiny updates. Just not the stuff we’ve been told to expect. The full history in:

Both their missed dates for updates and what they have given, both going back to June 2018.

It’s a lot of stuff, covered in a bunch of my posts, but it is probably the single fastest way to get up to date on what has been happening.