Battery status should be shown in Mac's Bluetooth menu and iOS top-bar

On Mac OS, battery status of some connected devices is shown when clicking on the Bluetooth menu, then hovering over a device’s entry in the list.

On iOS, some connected devices show a tiny battery status in the top bar.

I wish my TextBlade sent the battery status to the hosts(s) so it would show up in this way.

An alternative would be a special chord reserved for showing the status using the lights in the SpaceBlade. Right now, I briefly disconnect & reconnect to monitor the battery.

@waytools – please don’t devote any cycles to this request until general release & shipping are well underway.


The battery level does show up in the iOS Notification Center.

I’m not seeing anything on the OSX Notification Center, though.


Thanks! So the hidden Batteries widget does the trick. I had to search for how to add it –

Yep, though on my Mini Mac it just shows up as a device on the BT menu, no power levels

Check the bluetooth menu on the mac, Mice, Keyboards and Trackpads show their battery levels there.

but TB doesn’t show battery level there

It’s weird because it definitely implements the Battery service (as required by HOGP). I’m wondering if OS X doesn’t know how do deal with Bluetooth 4 as relates to battery status. Everything that I have that shows battery level there is a traditional Bluetooth device.

My Apple BT keyboard and trackpad show levels, but my Jaybirds earphones don’t.

Resurrecting an old thread; there is a chord to show battery level on the TextBlade.
Media layer + P causes the SpaceBlade to light up LEDs, one per 10% of remaining charge.

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I customized that - put it on the home key when you also press Shift. With sticky shift, it makes it easy to check it with one finger in case I’m not actually typing at the time but want to check. It would also be a good choice for the function layer if you put it where you could still use one hand.

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