Band Aids and TextBlade

So, fun fact, bagel slicers are sharp. After a failed attempt to extract a stuck bagel, I now have a real nasty cut on the tip of my right index finger, and a bandaid overtop that. Turns out, TextBlade is good enough to pick up where my finger is even witk the bandaid and Neosporin gel right on the part of my finger that contacts the key. There is a slight reduction in typing accuracy, as demonstrated by getting “witk” instead of “with” on Colemak, but I think tkat at least part of that is that I’m not hitting the key quite right as a result of having a wad of cloth, adhesive, and such right on my finger. I can still hit tke H key, mostly anyway.

So yeah! Unexpected edge case testing for TextBlade, and it passes admirably! And next time my bagel gets stuck, I’ll use the damn toaster tongs…

Update! It is actually easier to use the TextBlade than my regular laptop keyboard! TextBlade puts a lot less strain on the injured finger, and now that I’ve adjusted the bandaid a bit, it’s even more accurate for typing! :smiley: So that’s even better than I initially thought!


I have an aluminum finger splint for the time being, and while no keyboard is prepared for this particular obstruction, I’m not even going to try it on the TextBlade … my WPM is halved.

At least try it. Isn’t that the point of treg to see how it performs in various edge cases?

In general, TextBlade can do pretty well with a simple bandaged finger, but metal splints pose other, more mechanical impediments.

By design, metal splints make it difficult to curl your finger to reach different keys.

Even just hunt and peck typing on any device is tricky with splints -

And for this guy below, perhaps best to focus on things other than typing -

Hope your finger feels better soon Cameron.

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Yup. It’s a full finger metal splint, and needs to stay on 24 hours a day for at least a few more weeks, so there is currently no keyboard that works for me. I’m adapting as best as I can, but my error rate is ludicrously high and my WPM is half what it normally is.