Back-lit option?

Is it possible to have back-lit keys at some point for those who need to type in the dark? I have insomnia and often need to type in the dark while in bed.

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I can touch-type about 80 WPM, but sometimes when not fully awake or typing rarely used symbols, it’s still necessary to look.

I think that is the purpose of the onscreen legend they have for iOS. Not sure what they have planned for other operating systems.

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Waytools answer is right up my street, as my keyboard will be legend free. When you got a keyboard with straight columns it is so much easier to find the right keys, so there is really not even that big of a point to have legends on the keyboard at all, especially when there are so few keys.

Try to practice on the symbols you don’t know if that is a problem, it will work out superb :smile:

It would be nice to have a backlit option, but I wonder if that would not be too much of an energy hog?

I still haven’t seen any indication from WayTools that anything besides US QWERTY is ready to go. I’m hoping I’m wrong because I’m a Dvorak man myself.

For certain values of ‘ready to go’. :wink:

I’m also a ‘Dvorak man’, but hedged my bet by placing a second order for a standard QWERTY TB, and keeping my fingers crossed that any delay with the DV model won’t hold up the entire order.

If I think optimistically, the app already has the Dvorak layout, the firmware should make it a piece of cake to enable it, and they’ve had at least six months to get the Dvorak key caps ready - I can’t imagine what would delay a Dvorak TB any more than whatever is already delaying the standard model.