Atmospheric Hydrogen Sulphide

Anyone in TREG work in an area where there is H2S (fart gas / rotten egg smell); I have just moved back to Taupo, NZ after a few years away.

When we spec anything for installation around here it is coated as H2S eats copper fairly quickly; uncoated electronics generally don’t last more then a year; most modern stuff the PCB’s are coated in a thin layer of plastic to prevent contamination.

Taupo atmosphere is fairly low in H2S, can smell it on cold mornings when there is an inversion layer trapping the nights gas.
I sometimes work in Rotorua, atmosphere is high in H2S, can smell it always, cold mornings can get pretty smelly.

Electronics especially don’t like it when they get a bit of moisture in there with the gas as it increases the reaction rate significantly.

sounds like an interesting situation to test in!

I’m pretty sure that mine’s been tested in an area with a high concentration of fart gas smell.


Hope way tools doesn’t read this or we’ll have another 12 month delay and new hardware revision.

It’s been a few months since my last request:

Please ship now!
Please ship now!
Please ship now!
Please ship now!
Please ship now!


I work in a hospital and my TextBlade is regularly subjected to a number of “unique atmospheric conditions“. The only issues that I have experienced wear with a cheap Bluetooth dongle, and the occasional sticky key from my copious pocket lint.

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