Apple's New Magic Keyboard

Thoughts on the new Apple Magic Keyboard?

Apple Wireless Keyboard
5.2" x 11.2" x 0.8" (13.2 x 28.4 x 2.0 cm)
0.88 pounds or 14.1 oz

Apple Magic Keyboard
4.52” x 10.98” x 0.43” (11.49 x 27.9 x 1.09 cm)
0.51 pounds or 8.16 oz

TextBlade (when stored)
1.2” x 4.09” x 0.44” (3.1 x 10.4 x 1.13 cm)
0.094 pounds or 1.5 oz

The new Apple Magic Keyboard is smaller and lighter than the 3rd-generation Apple Wireless Keyboard it replaces. It features an on/off switch so it can be stored more easily for transport than the previous model. Uses a Lightning USB cable for charging and lasts for one month on a full charge. Full-size keyboard with shorter key travel (not as extreme as the new MacBook Retina’s butterfly keyboard). Function keys are bigger too.

I wonder if you can pair it with an iPad or iPhone by plugging in the cable like you can with a Mac.

Compared to the TextBlade, it’s obviously still bigger. Same price and shipping now.

not backlit :frowning:

Looks like key travel is a lot smaller than the current Apple keyboard. I’ll have to try one out, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a switch to Logicool K810 as my standard desktop keyboard.

If waytools could implement a pointer moving system like that:

it would be the best keyboard ever


That requires a field around the device to detect your hand

You’ll noticed most of he prototypes are a ‘recessed’ keyboard. Thats how the keyboard detects where your hands/fingers are.

Also mouse movements require accurate positional tracking. Something most ‘air’ type of tracking devices do fairly poorly.

Its really hard to compare 2 products that are more or less designed for diametrically opposite design points.

My thoughts on this product are:

  • Looks great, especially alongside the new Magic Trackpad 2
  • Looks streamlined, I like the updated font and the bigger key size
  • I am not a fan of the decreased key travel. The MacBook key travel felt horrible. Here the key travel is somewhere between this and the old standard keyboards. I will have to reserve judgement until I try one out, but my expectation ahead of that is a negative one.
  • The price is a bit cheeky, but I guess I can’t complain about inflation. I probably won’t buy one brand new anyway.
  • I like that its wireless, but for an extra £20 RRP (cheaper if you shop around) you can pick up the Logitech K810 (mentioned by another user), which will allow you to easily switch between devices. And for that matter, you could pick up a TextBlade too.
  • Overall, I think they’re a beautifully designed and realised addition to the Apple range. I’d probably be happy with one if it was bundled with an iMac. If I were shopping for a keyboard, and it felt great to type on, I certainly wouldn’t want to pay full price for one.

You could, if it existed .

Oh wait, maybe you need to pay for it first.

Oh wait…

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So Jonvaljean, what are your impressions of Apple’s Magic Keyboard?

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Keine Ahnung about the Apple Magic wah-dee-doo-dah. I am not a keyboard fanatic. I wanted the TextBlade because its form factor meant I could stuff it in my jeans pocket with my phone. All the other bells and whistles which are delaying the promised ultra simple concept of last January and all the potential alternatives, being too big for my pocket, frankly do not interest me. Having to wait so long for the simple gadget promised in January really annoys me.

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jvj - maybe try stressing less over your own assumptions, (they’re generally wrong anyway.) No bells and whistles on critical path.

Folks opining on Apple’s latest work in keyboards is benign, why disrupt their thread?

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My assumptions have been proven right as you have not delivered since I started making assumptions about your project way back in June. At that point you were two months delayed on a two month estimated delivery, or 100% slippage. We’re now at 300%? 400%? Get real, Waytools, you have annoyed some customers.

Just ship the thing you’re late late late.

You can send me one from your stock from January, then you can upgrade me later as you make improvements. Didn’t we agree on that when I made my order?

Don’t cancel my order


Seems kind of harsh. Did a new WayTools forum poster tag in when we were not looking? This post is out of character for the posts we have been seeing in the last week or so. Are the old communications methods creeping back in?


You don’t get to be a dick until you ship.


What went wrong then in all these months, what actually happened that it is delayed for so long? As long you keep avoiding or attacking these kinds of posts…

Don’t cancel please.

Nice way to talk to your customers - not!

You say that there are “no bells and whistles on the critical path”.

I understand this to mean that:-

  • you deny there has been any feature-creep since you first started selling this thing in January.

  • you are categorically stating that when (or perhaps that should be if) you ever get to ship anything it will have ONLY the feature-set promised when I ordered in early February.

Please would you confirm my understanding to be correct? And once you have done that, perhaps you could explain exactly what your firmware development team have been doing with their time for the past 8 months?

GIven the black and white nature of the question, it seems reasonable to infer that should you fail to confirm my understanding then you would actually be repudiating your “no bells and whistles” statement - so you might like to consider that position with some care …

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Their aggressive attitude makes me think they are maybe hiding something, maybe they can’t ship?!

Just thought I throw in a pic of the Rapoo keyboard. I currently use a Rapoo on one of my desktops. Design wise it is very good, key spacing - not as good as what Waytools is promising, key action is excellent but with a higher force input (scissors mechanism), and performance via radio dongle is what I would rate as a C+ (not great in other words). They also have BT boards as well.

I’ll be using it til I get my Textblade.

Went to the local Apple Store to see the Magic Kyboard this week. It is noticeably lighter than the previous generation from Apple. I did not find the reduced key travel to be objectionable. Switching between multiple devices is still a hassle compared with other wireless keyboards from Logitech or Microsoft. At least it has a real power switch.

No plans yet to replace my Logitech K760 as my primary keyboard, but new Mac owners should be happy with the keyboard revision.

Magic Trackpad was nice. The wider layout matches the dimensions of Apple’s desktop and laptop screen sizes. It is expensive at $129, however.

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