Apple iPad Pro Smart Keyboard With Trackpad Arriving This Year?

Looks like this is here now.

But the best announcement by far is the new cursor. Until now using a mouse on iPadOS 13 was cumbersome. That just changed overnight. I simply love how the cursor changes from a tap to a text selector or an icon highlighter depending on context. Only thing that’s pesky is the need to click and drag the home bar to bring up the app switcher. I just want to scroll on the home bar to change apps. But that’s easily fixed if you have a multi button mouse like my M720 Triathlon.

@waytools just give me a TREG unit already! I’m wonderfully close to making my iPad Pro a genuine laptop replacement save the odd embedded programming software or multiphysics simulation. I’m already able to take notes, annotate research papers, code Python for my plots and projects with Pythonista/Pyto, make CAD models with Shapr, use Mathematica, make figures with Affinity Designer and check up on my simulations/make quick modifications with Remote Desktop. Just need your super portable keyboard to tie it all together :cry:

Hrishi1379 - the new mouse support in iPadOS is great (finally!)

This just-announced iPad Pro is a bit of a bridge model - adds lidar camera, and 12Z processor to existing design.

The major upgrade is the upcoming shift to microled display, 5G, and 5nm silicon.

That looks like it’ll debut ~ Q4. We’re using our current iPad Pro’s until that one ships.

Apple’s new magic keyboard / trackpad doubles the thickness and weight, and is pricey at $349.

The accessory mimics the old MBP architecture - 1mm travel keys / trackpad in middle of palmrest.

There’s a newer architecture based on TextBlade that we like a lot better for lap use.


Are you looking at coming out with an ipad cover with TB built in (permanently or possibly removeable)?

After GR, of course!


Would this mythical keyboard come out before the Apple’s in May?

You must be new here ;p
The textblade will not be shipping by May 2020, I hope it ships in 2020, but given the posts to date 2021 seems more likely. Of course I am speculating, but this project has a solid history of repeated delays. If anyone has more solid information on a shipping date feel free to correct me ^^

I think I am one of the earliest buyers here. I think I bought this on the second day. I was being flippant. Why even mention a “newer architecture based on TextBlade that we like a lot better for lap use” when the promised update is over a year late?

You would think an update would come especially now when people are worried about their finances.


Hmmm - talking about releasing future products before they have even launched their first product - poor form. Just get the text blade out. Maybe all the R&D team are bored developing it and have moved onto the next new shiny thing

I’m pretty sure that WayTools are (as always) very enthused and eager to ship the TextBlade.

When it comes to how software is developed, I always feel like the bearer of bad news who gets blamed. But I repeat: new software (basically the automation of new ideas) is not a linear nor predictable process.

I’m not an author, maybe our society is more familiar with the struggles that authors go through.

Stop Trying to Make Hard Work Easy

I write every day in the morning for 2 hours, 5 days a week. No exceptions.

In this system I only have one goal: to work on whatever it is I say I’m going to work on for as long as I say I’m going to work on it. That’s it.

What you’ll also notice is that I don’t set a word count. Word counts are terrible. It’s really hard to use things like word counts because study after study has shown that people are terrible at predicting how long it will take to do something. We’re awful at it.

What this author wrote about the writing process, sounds about the same to me as developing software. I’m at my desk way (way) over 8 hours a day. Lots of keyboard time with looking into bugs, learning intricacies of a system, writing tests, writing code. But gee, if I were paid by the second, and only for the moments when I was typing my “best, most error-free code” then I would starve. I suspect so would every other programmer, and many other professions such as composer, screenwriter, scientist, engineer, doctor. Imagine paying a doctor, not for when they listened to you and asked questions, or learned at night and read up on bulletins or the latest research, but only paying them for the instant when they determined the source of your problem, and the 5 seconds they wrote you a prescription for it.


Yup. Good software takes time to build. Most software is crap.
My current project is almost 5 years in now, and I’m still ~2 years away from production deployments.

Hmm… Hope WayTools doesn’t take another 2 years.