Apple can be annoying

One issue I’ve always had with Apple is they too often think their preferences should apply to everyone. For example, not properly supporting mice with lots of buttons and let you program each the way you want. Without third party software (which may not support every mouse), Apple only lets you assign specific things to extra mouse buttons.

Well, I haven’t upgraded to Catalina on my Mac Mini yet. Just figured I’d play it safe in case it messes up something I really need.

I run 3 browsers: Safari, Safari Technology Preview, and Firefox.

One reason is that I use a number of pinned tabs, but the Apple approach is to apply the same pinned tabs to every browser window, which I don’t want. But I have reasons to want the versions of Safari sometimes.

Firefox let’s me do different pinned tabs.

Anyway, lately I get multiple messages a day from Apple pop up on screen saying my version of the OS will no longer support updates to Safari Technology Preview. Fine. I’ll leave it as is until I decide I want to update the OS. But they won’t shut up about it! It’s ridiculous to tell me the same thing, every day, multiple times!

If you update, it’ll stop (for a while)!! :wink:

No intention of updating until at least the next big OS update. After waiting this long, clearly I can wait that long.