Apple Advertisement

Apple’s advertisement about the iPad as a perfect life companion.

Hmmm … the Apple Pencil is PERFECT for handwritten notes. But there’s something missing from the picture based on the wording of their ad … they need to think of something that would be PERFECT for typed notes.

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And something to carry it all around in, @waytools :wink:

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Yup. My only remaining issue while traveling is finding a flat surface to put both my iPad and my TB on so I can comfortable type. I have a Zugu case that sits reasonably comfortable on my lap. If only its flap would fold forwards rather than backwards and would be magnetic so it would hold my TB in place, it would be perfect.
Please WayTools, tell me you have something like that in the works…
Only for AFTER GR, of course. That must come first.


:relaxed: Good things cookin’ in the kitchen :yum: