Anyone using the Amigo 2.0 by lapworks?

Spotted a couple of good reviews for this, does anyone have one and what is it like?

My mistake. He ordered a different keyboard…

140USD!!! It is the ‘old’ Targus / Stowaway keyboard, produced by some Chinese company. If you look around you can get it for 35 USD direct from a manufacturer on some online site. Now it is bluetooth, the quality is not as good as the Targus but does the job… but for 140USD, it is overpriced for the quality.

Don’t lose the charging cable as it is proprietary. I still use this keyboard a lot… Because it has the physical arrow keys and not shift plus something.

The other one that you might want to consider, but difficult to find new was the second variant of it which was made by Thinkoutside, Dell sold it as well for their organiser range.

It works well and that is the one which is use daily, until eventually the texblade is released.

If anybody remember Jorno, that was another very hyped keyboard, they finally released it this year after multiple years awaiting… Poor guys, it seems that their IP was leaked and now every company under the sun seems to produce it at half price…

This is without saying that the final produce was very very very different of the original design and what people paid for…

I somewhat still trust waytools to deliver the Textblade as per the spec… Even if it feel that it is a 3 people startup, with grandma, granddad, uncle freddy building and helping the production…

Well until apple release some ipad smart cover, at which case I might change my opinion.

I already have a Jorno knockoff and it is good. At 20 quid I was happy to modify it to be more resilient on laps and soft surfaces. It’s not worth 99$ to me anyway.

I was wondering if there was any reason why the amigo was so expensive, which is why I asked.

I am looking forward to buying my next KLPD device.

My co-worker’s Jorno Black arrived and it’s not bad. (He found a ‘real’ NiB one for $23 on eBay.)

It’s a bit small for my hands, but quite tolerable for handling IT issues and email from the road or a ball game. The case is a nice touch.

typed on a Jorno Black

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I get a lots of people asking me about mine, only too happy to tell them were to get one. (Amazon prime if you must have it within 48hrs) I agree that it is a bit small, but it is pretty handy for coding on the run especially as all the symbols are in the right places. The fact it is stable on laps and other soft surface makes it versatile. I have used it on a plane and could work pretty decently in the tight space even if it was a bit “squid hands”.

typed on a K120 while watching Family guy and eating Chinese food ~(long day)