Anyone do this?

You may remember that sometime ago I opted to follow WT’s suggest of a Mac Mini and a 43 inch 4K TV as a monitor - and I am very happy I did. I can’t imagine using a smaller screen now. Not even if Apple comes out with a 30 inch iMac.

There are two issues with it though. One could apply to everyone - that sitting fairly close to a computer screen of that size means the corners (especially the top corners) are at an odd angle for you eyes.

The other problem affects me in particular. I really don’t seem to be able to get glasses that quite work right. I was given a reason, but don’t recall the specifics. Anyway, while it affects all aspects of my glasses, I think it may be particularly a problem for the intermediate range. That’s what I use for my computer - actually a special pair which is 100% intermediate.

I was thinking that maybe I could reduce the problem if I was using distance vision (giving me a wider range of distance that would be in focus). IOW, if in the future I got a bigger screen, but placed it further away - and adjusted various settings so text, icons, etc, weren’t too small at that distance, maybe it would help.

Another advantage, depending on exact dimensions, is that the angles I would have to move my eyes could actually be less because of the added distance.

Plus I’d have a better video experience for movies.

Any opinions on this?

I’m lucky enough to have sharp near sight, so I actually prefer a 13" 4k laptop, since it fits well within my view without moving my head, and I can make the fonts pretty tiny so I have lots of screen real estate.

A 43" 4k TV would annoy me, either I would have to move my head and see individual pixels, or I would have to put it so far away that I’d need glasses to see sharp.

I do have a USBC 4k 27" monitor though, it can be a little farther away, and although it’s somewhat more pixel-y, it’s extra real estate and it charges my laptop with the same cable.

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Must be nice to have that kind of eyesight.

However, I really like having most of my windows fully exposed rather than what I used to do - set things up so one side or another of each window was visible so I could click on it.

Even up close, I don’t see pixels on my TV. But then, after using the screen on a 21.5 iMac from 2013 (I think), anything is an improvement! I just would like to be able to be able to use a distance where I have a wider focus area. And if it reduced having to change my eye angle as well, that would be a bonus.

Of course, I could take my existing size TV, move it further away, and make the text, etc, bigger to compensate. But then I couldn’t fit as much on the screen.

Seems like you should get an extra tv :slight_smile:. You could mount them vertically side by side depending on your preferred aspect ratio.

You have to find the happy median between moving your head too much because the screen overfills your sight, increasing font size so things are legible, and desktop real estate.

I’ve seen setups with 3 screens side by side, would just always focus on one screen at a time, pretty wasteful for me.

Ideally, AR or VR headsets become high resolution + low price enough so that you could have legible windows and then you can make a virtual 360-in-both-axis screen. Bliss :slight_smile:

I once had an iMac and a cinema display side by side. There are advantages, since I can place each at a different angle which I can’t do with one big screen. I don’t think my TV can be set up vertically. Even if I could find a special way to mount it - but with that height, it would have to be further away or the angle would be really extreme! I can probably set up any TV to be around 50 inches away though, which should qualify as “distant” vision.

Also, remember there is one additional benefit to using it to watch movies - normally bigger screens are supposed to be viewed further away for that anyway.

Several months ago I saw the OLED TVs at Best Buy - blew me away. Absolutely gorgeous displays whose viewing angles were superior to everything else - maybe they would work at the rather close distance of our current computer monitors.

What also blew me away were the prices. However they are coming down, in line with what WayTools predicted.

Yeah, price is definitely an issue. May also be too big. Haven’t checked recently, but before when I did, the smallest OLED was bigger than I’d normally want.

I just ordered the glasses I’ll let you know how well they work.
HOW they work is that each lens of the glasses has a pair of lenses within it. A knob at each temple slides the two lenses (horizontally I think) so there are differing thicknesses of lens available. The range is advertised as +6 and -3 diopters. I remember reading about this invention several (many?) years ago, and I’ve been surprised that it’s been so long until it’s being brought to market. {irony noted}.
DBK: I didn’t read your post with extreme diligence, but it seemed like this could be a part of the solution.

I remember reading about those years ago and wondered about them. But I don’t know if they cover things like astigmatism.