Any other MacGyvers out there?

Ok here is a thought… I think the nanostand is good, but it doesn’t cover a different, related need. And that is lap (read: conference) use. Instead of hauling a MBP or an Air, I’d like to have a lightweight stand to set it on that can also hold a 7-9" tablet in a proper laptop position.

I don’t want it to feel flimsy or with things sliding everywhere; I don’t want it to be heavy; and, ideally, I don’t want it to look crazy ghetto.

So thing to your workshops, recycle bins, old devices, etc. How can we make something decent that holds TB+Tablet, since I don’t think waytools has time to consider these more than in watercooler conversations?

I think some CNC wood with an inset textblade shaped cutout and a groove for an iPad would work well.


I use this on all of my tablet and phone devices -

I’ve been in direct communication with the owner of the company, who is a really nice guy! This is a product worthy of your time and money.

… OH, and if you buy one, your card is charged, but you also get tracking! :stuck_out_tongue:


@Travelingtech Haha! I went to the website though and I think the OP is looking for a flat and stable solution to use the TextBlade on his lap rather than needing to set it on a desk all the time…

Ah, I stand corrected!

The case I use is from ZooGoo. Love their case but they have the ability to keep your iPad upright in various locations, including your lap.

On another note, the TextBlade still cannot sit on your lap without some sort of book or backing!

See Lap-top use with laptops or tablets


Yes I know they have something in the works… I’m sure it’s “almost shipping” ™. I’m looking to hack something together in the meantime.

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My bad, was reading too quickly while working.

Big ferrous metal belt buckle. Or codpiece.

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