Any case recommendation for toting TB?

I’m thinking of getting the new iPad Pro 9.7". Along with the Textblade, I think it could make for an ideal mobile setup.

Can anyone recommend a really slim (and protective) case that could hold the iPad, the TB, the pencil, and perhaps the Bragi Dash?

It seems like only offerings are either thin ones with no pockets that can only carry the iPad, or something like a messenger bag that can hold all your belongings. Any slim ones out there with just enough pockets?


Don’t know how protective you need it to be, but I got an “incase” for my original 9.7 inch iPad years ago at the apple store. One side has a velcro closure in the middle but the actual storage compartment is the full size of lazy bag. The other side full length zipper which closes two pockets.

Thanks Kahuna. Appreciate it.


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I’ve been wondering if one of the little fancy cases made for reading glasses would fit the TB. Anyone have the chance to try this?

Haven’t got my Textblade yet, but I measured the dimensions, and this case (which I do have) looks perfect: Olympus CS-125 Soft Carrying Case for WS Series Voice Recorders. It’s open at one end, but still… Also, for holding an Iphone, I love the Kenu Stance. Very sturdy little tripod. Very stable for the Iphone in landscape orientation, not so stable, but workable, for an Iphone in portrait orientation. One caveat: There can’t be anything right around the universal connector slot or you can’t insert the Stance. If your case allows this, it should be good for you.

This case isn’t perfect, but it has plenty of space, cable pssthroughs lots of variety and I’ve been using it and like it a lot.

Okay, these are admittedly expensive, but if you’re looking for something really sharp looking you might check them out:

Less expensive, but also lovely quality:

Possible relatively cheap, sturdy belt case solution:Gerber Eddie Bauer 4.25" Folding Hunter Multi-tool Gator Mate Knife Sheath Nylon.

Must admit this looks good:

I’ve got several products from the SF Bags folks and they make really excellent stuff.

I cannot recommend them enough.

Their stuff is super well made, lasts forever. Really good company.

Sorry, just got excited when I saw where your link went.


There’s this option, but I’m not sure it fits the TextBlade.

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Yes, I’ve been very impressed by the quality of the Waterfield Design products. Just ordered their small Finn wallet, which looks like it will be a nice way to carry the Textblade and my Kenu Stance. Will report back on that when I actually get the Textblade.

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I remember seeing the Remora stylus holder a while back and thinking it was cool. I wonder how it would work as a TB pouch–whether the magnet would inhibit getting the TB in and out of the thing.

Or… (I know this is slightly off topic) does anyone know how well the Textblade sticks to the standard iPad cover? Can you just tote the TB around unadorned stuck to the cover like that?

This is the bag I use for minimal bulk.

First shows from the side with the long opening on the side (small velcro piece to close it just in the center). I put an 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of paper in it to give an idea of depth. More papers are in the main storage compartment. You can see that they donate fit all the way inside, but plenty of space for my smaller iPad pro.

Second picture shows the other side which has two compartments, closed with one long zipper.

Third one gives you some idea of lazy inside of the main padded compartment.

It came with a shoulder strap and also two regular handles. You can see one in the third picture.