Another year whats the update?

Hey all,
I tune into this forum less these days,
Where are we with updates and potential release?

we are not :sob:

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Here is a more detailed reply…

There have been no new TREG members for more than 2 years now.

The next step is supposed to be the release of a new firmware.
Previously we were told that the firmware was almost complete but it has been a year or two since then.
We don’t know the true status of this firmware but no TREG members have received it and there is nothing that can actually be verified.

Some people have decided not to wait any more and have asked for refunds.
Some have been successful getting refunds and others have not.

Everyone wishes to see some signs of tangible progress, but there are none.
Of course there is are several possible explanations, but since Waytools is keeping silent
the chances of us actually receiving the product don’t seem very good right now.

Waytools are still taking new orders, so they must still be planning to deliver,
I am sure they would not be taking people’s money with currently no intention of shipping a product.

The bookies are giving odds of 100:1 against right now.


I think the time has come to ask for a refund and move on with my life.


With the way the refund process has been lately, it is likely hit or miss if the process will go smoothly I’m sorry to say.

I believe the kinks in the process were blamed on server upgrades and processing company changes, but that should have been worked out by now.

There was also a message about Mark providing in house hospice care for a relative, so his attention may not be on the forums or firmware development at the moment.

There are threads here where I detailed the info from WayTools over long periods of time. Also similar things talking about the negative stuff (including the problem with people having trouble with refunds).

Or you might go to my subreddit:

Almost every post there is mine, but that’s actually good, because you can learn almost everything that has been going on here (positive and negative) without having to search through many thousands of posts here.

I haven’t posted in a while, but that’s because not much has happened in awhile. No reason to keep saying the same things over and over again, day after day!


I’ve been lurking these forums for as long as they’ve existed. I don’t think this thing will ever be released, but I hold out hope anyway because, incredibly, this is still a unique and needed product!

I placed my order on January 13, 2015. I come here less often these days but it’s stunning to me that the same vague and sporadic assurances continue to be made.

It’s sad. Scam or not, some real talk from Mark seems long overdue.




The lack of communication is breathtaking.

I have no doubt of the technical chops of whoever designed/built this thing … but the communication side does not back that up :frowning:


Definitely not good. When Treg started, I could see plenty of reasons for delays (though not for lack of communication). Of course, communication has been far worse for quite awhile now.

And I could understand the need to rewrite the code while NOT releasing the original as well as how that process would take a long time.

But I also remember them saying 2019 was going to be different in a context that sure supported the idea that they expected release that year. Now almost 2 years later and not hearing much.

One court case is done. Another doesn’t even take it’s next step until December. Though I don’t know if those cases are having an effect or not. I believe Mark has said they don’t affect the team working on the TB. Might affect time for communication, but I can think of lots of stuff that could be talked about here in the space of a hundred words.

I can understand the hospice issue with someone, of course. But the problem goes back far longer.

Don’t understand the repeated problems with refunds.

Be a shame if the most versatile keyboard I’ve ever seen - or even imagined - never gets to market.

I like it so much that, if I could (and to let me avoid having to go back to other keyboards should this never reach GR), I’d pay for several of the old ones to replace what I have when it eventually wears out! Especially one with the dongle.

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Well, I guess you already have. :wink: Like all of us waiting for GR.

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