Another NaNoWriMo! (National Novel Writing Month)

National Novel Writing Month fast approaches, starting on November 1. Go check details and stuff out on NaNoWriMo.Org ! You can also see my prior post on the subject from 2017 Over Here

Now first, the fact that I’ve had my TREG unit ALMOST long enough to have it for three NaNoWriMos…wait, actually…I’ve had it almost long enough for FOUR NaNoWrimos, since I got this thing in December of 2016 I believe! So, that indicates to me that general release is something that needs to happen. As a Christmas present to everyone, @waytools ?

Next up! Anybody else going to try and churn out a bunch of story this November? Doesn’t have to be 50,000 words on one story, you can do a bunch of shorts, or poetry, or whatever you want, the point is more to challenge yourself and see what you can get done with a focused month of writing. I’m just wondering if any of you want to join my buddy list on the nanowrimo website, maybe so we can bounce plot ideas around at each other and ask for help and suggestions as needed. Send an invite to MercPrime on that site!

And, whether you’re typing on TextBlade or a legacy keyboard, whether you’re planning to novel or write poetry or just continue with life as normal this November, have a happy November, and happy Thanksgiving as well!


I really wish I was creative enough to participate in something like that…

I am super impressed by your dedication and results, Hermes!