Android MultiMap: "Have you even started?" -- PHB


It’s time for an update on the status of Android software. The iOS version of MultiMap was released on Christmas.

So to line up with the timeframe last disclosed: “month or two”… “Several weeks”, development work should already be underway.

Is it?


They don’t care Maggie, it will probably come next year or never. They are too ‘busy’, remember that they work really hard with 100 employees even in the weekend. :wink:


Inquiring minds want to know.

Along with those of us who think this is a train wreck.

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If actual coding has begun, that would be good news.

If they’re continuing to blow it off, we deserve to hear an admission to that effect.

typed on Candy Mountain, Charlie!

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What a sad little joke. Way too busy with “unannounced devices” to meet their already delinquent commitments.