An XBoxOne version

all the Xbox keyboards (textboards?) I’ve used and seen have these rubber squishy stiff keys which are horrible to try to type on. I think the text blade mechanism would work great in a controller add-on.

the xbox one does not support bluetooth keyboards (or any bluetooth devices as far as i’m aware). you would need a generic bluetooth receiver dongle to plug into the xbox’s usb ports.

aside from that, it should be perfectly possible to use a text blade with a xbox one. depending on their multi device implementation, i may do exactly that.

Unless the Xbox operating system has support for certain profiles a generic Bluetooth adaptor probably won’t work. I don’t think the TextBlade will work with a generic adaptor in Window 7 either unless you install some drivers for the adaptor. I am not sure if you can install drivers on the Xbox.

all the text boards I’ve seen for the xbone use their own dongle, whether they’re Bluetooth or not. what I would like to see is a controller add-on (like any other text board) with the TextBlade’s keys, rather than the garbage rubber nubs the rest use.
using a separate keyboard (on my lap or a table or sofa) is clunky while playing a game.