Alms for the poor?

My typing speed on a TB: After 3 years, still 0 wpm :frowning:
My typing speed on QWERTY: Still 110-ish wpm.

Hoping to close this gap by getting on TREG, or maybe someone could send me a TB that they stepped on. On my order status page, I see a picture of a bunch of TB boxes sitting on a granite counter… don’t those li-ion batteries have a shelf life? Please, sirs! Send me a dead one so I can start practicing! I really need to beat Don the Circus Geek!

Your pal, Leonard


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I feel you!

@waytools : would it be possible for you guys (not the people working on the refactoring) to create a paper-folding-version of the TextBlade so @Sideshow_Leonard and I can practice? Perhaps as a faux-treg programme?

If you’re interested you could print your own: