Advertising Testimonial - Celebrity Fans

Hi Guys - no idea where to put this - but i think Taika Waititi would be a great testimonial once GR is out the door :slight_smile:
he just slammed Apple for their horrendous keyboards while holding his writing oscar in hand



Apple sold him a bad product, but he chose to use it. Suppose someone complains to you that their dentist didn’t give them anesthesia before extracting their tooth. Then complained that their dentist also didn’t give them anesthesia for their next five tooth extractions. Who’s really at fault after the first two bad experiences?

Hot take: Apple users punish themselves by continuing to use Apple products when capable alternatives exist.

But, absolutely, WayTools needs to get the TextBlade into more people’s hands. It’s still my favorite keyboard of all time.

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One thing I wonder about is how much the bad press on butterfly keyboards by Apple will affect customers’ reactions to the TB butterfly mechanism. Oh, it is quite different in a number of areas - including the fact that if something does go bad, it isn’t a big deal to replace a kepcap, unlike Apple.

But the average person who is computer literate enough to even know the terms of butterfly vs scissor keyboards may know nothing beyond that vague generalization.

as a former macolyte who’s very much fallen out of love with apple in the tim cook era, i feel like i should say that’s not really a valid comparison. other than the keyboard, the hardware is still rather spiffy, and osx (and associated other software) is the key selling point for going mac. so it’s more like you really REALLY don’t like the mouthwash that they give you to have a rinse after doing the work, or maybe that they play some crappy music all the way through the procedure :b

i have to disagree as well. as being in the Mac Eco-System for two decades now, i have a MAcbook Pro (im clinging to the one BBK (beforeButterflyKeyboard)), an iPad, a iPhone (thats also broken - just stopped having reception, stuck in NO SERVICE allt he time … and thats after just 8 month … sadly a replacement and out of warranty … so they want 350$ for years old technology …), a apple watch, airpods … and thousands of $ spent for software that i cannot transfer to another system … so a crap keyboard is more like a relative you cannot stand but have to see at all festivities.

but we have an alternative now - eventhough im not quite the “all the time” Textblade user. im still too slow on it and it realy stops my flow when writing - and thats a no go when i have to work … so only training using it in my spare time … as im not a “standard” 10 finger typist - I have a quite unusual system of flying around the keyboard and especially the keys in the middle are two-hand overlapping zone depending on what finger is faster - …

anyway … back to work :slight_smile:

cheers :slight_smile:

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Agree - it’s hard to move out of an ecosystem. I’m really disappointed in Apple regarding their 13" laptops for several years now - if they don’t have an update like the 16" in spring I’m jumping ship to Windows.

To get used to the TB, I propose you learn to touch-type using a site like Actually I’m like you, having bad typing habits, and I switched to Colemak on the TB so I would touch-type something completely different. It took two weeks of after-hours practice before I started using Colemak at work (sometimes cursing and switching to qwerty, this was before I had my TB) and a year to get to 60wpm.

Now I’m at 70wpm as tested by, and I switch seamlessly between Colemak on the TB and QWERTY everywhere else.

Best typing tip I can give you: map green+backspace to delete-last-word so that you can quickly delete a word you mistyped and re-type it from the start, so your muscle memory learns better.

Windows is just too painful to consider switching to. I’d probably go Hackintosh on a Surface first, or perhaps something like:

This year should be the first real update to the MBP13 since 2013. Intel finally released CPUs last year that are usable for LPDDR4X with support for >16GB. There’s a tiny possibility (more likely in 2021) of an AMD mobile chip with a decent integrated GPU in at least one of the MBP form factors. The iWatch keyboard (touch bar) isn’t going away, but at least we have a real ESC key again.

Unfortunately, LPDDR4X hasn’t taken off yet. The only notebook I’ve seen for sale using it is a Dell XPS 13. The memory voltage is literally cut in half, though (0.61v). With large memory sizes, that makes a measurable difference (because memory refresh occurs many times every second). In standby, a third of the power draw is DRAM refresh.


Ah good to know! Although I wonder how aggressive the hibernation is - if the laptop turns off dram completely after an hour it won’t make much difference.
Another problem with having 32 gb Ram is that it steals 32gb of disk for the sleep image, a far worse problem for me than standby power consumption.