Add NFC chipset for fast pairing

Why don’t you add a NFC chipset for fast pairing to the keyboard?


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Is Bluetooth not fast enough for pairing? I’ve never had issues with my bluetooth peripherals pairing to either my computer or iDevices, including keyboard, mouse, bluetooth headset, and trackpad.

If it was still 11 months ago Waytools would be onto you, probably explaining that they explored this option as well in their extensive pre-production testing & planning and found it had some drawbacks.

Biggest questions I would expect them to answer are: (so basically it’s up to the wise to answer now ;))

  1. the tendency to move a keyboard or screen while you’re tapping on either of them, which might cause connection issues (although I don’t know how sensitive NFC is to disturbances precisely)
  2. the energy consumption vs BLE
  3. the availability of NFC vs BLE in devices that are/were on the market

And for all the rants-loving people: let’s go wild along the “don’t add feature request in this scope-creep-delays-never-actually-was-in-production-fest” :ballot_box_with_check: