Accessability for persons with Disabilities - Braille Layout

After seeing the topic of the Stenography Layout I thought it would be a great time to bring up accessibility for those with visual and physical disabilities to @waytools . Creating not only a digital layout that would work similarly to a braille writer, but potentially combining it with key caps that span horizontally into three main keys on each blade that would make the space for typing in braille larger and then using a new map that would integrate the return and backspace keys into the top corners of the outermost keys. Just in case you have never seen one, below you can see the layout. The center bar in the middle is the space key. The three central keys to the left of the center space bar correspond to the three vertical dots on the left side of a braille symbol and the three right keys of the space bar correspond to the three vertical dots of a braille symbol. The far left button is to advance a line (similar to the return key) and the far right button is a backspace button.

Just an idea to expand your market once things get rolling with the general relase.


Estimated Ship Window for Braille: May