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Questions about checking or editing your order, or international delivery.

This is about TREG, and delivery. My order (N66 RNP7 RK8) was placed on Jan 14, 2015.
TextBlade was/is a great concept. I was very impressed when I attended the TB Hands On party, last year.

I regularly work with MEL,hscript, tcsh, bash, Python, and yes…I’ve worked with ShotGun, SourceSafe, Trello, Asana and other ‘custom built’ software tracking tools.

My work has mostly been in VFX for Feature films, 18 to date. The need for interoperability is key. All flavors are in in-use all the time. All flavors = iOS, Android, Windoze, Linux and various custom scripting systems.

This work demands instant response, and no delays. When working on films, it’s 24/7, switching to 26/8 in the last two-weeks before delivery. I was going order a ‘backup’…but when the first round kept being delayed, I decided to let my original order ride. Now, you’ve had a year+ to get a product placement in films.

So far, I have not been invited to the TREG party, let alone any real delivery date on my original order.
How about it?


Andrew Rosen (N66 RNP7 RK8)

Dear Sirs:
I’ve been trying to email you at ask@waytools.com but my emails are bouncing.
My order number is xxxxx. Is there another email I should use?
Thanks and look forward to using your awesome product.