A really good USB 3 hub!

I have no idea what is possible in this area, but I do know there are plenty of companies selling these devices and I don’t know of any where interference with the usb 3 (and I believe cables running to them) aren’t an issue. Not to mention that I often read about how they’ll say certain stuff often won’t work with them - like maybe a mouse.

I don’t know if that latter part is because of the interference or if there is some other factor.

When I set up the dongle for the TextBlade on one USB 3.0 hub, it was a disaster. I ended up sending that one back. I have another which does work, but it took some finagling. The hub is plugged into the computer, then I have an extension (about 8 inches) that is plugged into the hub. At the end of that extension, I have a USB 2.0 (or maybe it is 1.0 - it isn’t marked) hub. That hub has an extension while itself (3 inches). Into that small hub, I have my dongle from WayTools and also the receiver for my Logitech MX Performance Mouse.

The computer and USB 3.0 hub are both on the desk top (hub right at the front). The extensions then go down below the desktop which, possibly, blocks some interference? I haven’t tested this for a very long time after I got it working.

Anyway, maybe @WayTools can see a way to make a hub that minimizes these issues - after general release of the TextBlade, of course. Computers don’t have enough ports to suit me at all!

In talking to WayTools (mark and one of the engineers) back when I was having USB 3 interference issues with my AirIn dongle, they suggested adding a ferrite core filter to the cable of the USB hub. These are pretty cheap and simply snap around the cable and act as a noise filter. They are available multiple places online and Amazon sells multi-packs fairly cheaply. They come in different strengths and sized to fit around different size cables.

I had to install two to make a difference, but it did solve my noise issues. I’d have to go back and search for the exact info from when i spoke with WT.


dbk et al -

Current dongle uses a standard PCB. We’re preparing our own Bluetooth PCB design that has a much more powerful chip in it.

In the upcoming dongle, (planned after GR) we’re integrating usb3 noise filter circuitry right into the dongle, so it manages everything in one gadget - no cords or hubs. Users who want Bluetooth on usb will likely use that gizmo, and skip the hub.

Since 2-5 yr old pc’s with usb3 noise emissions can interfere with many other Bluetooth peripherals, we’re thinking to also add a pre-certified hub to our online catalog. The idea is to do all the testing for the consumer, so there’s a quick and easy option known to cure usb3 noise on older pc’s.

Hope this is helpful.