2021 Waytools Plans

Although this is in the rants section, it isn’t a rant, more a polite inquiry.

The new unreleased firmware was started a long time ago, (I think 2-3 years ago), and there have been few or no new beta testers for a year or two.
In lieu of other updates will the new firmware be released in 2021 and will the beta test program resume in earnest with new TREG users?

I would rather a direct reply from Waytools than any unsubstantiated speculation please.


Ordered January 18, 2015, trying to be patient still but would love to get in on Treg testing!

I’m a serving pastor typing many words per week and doing extensive editing work!

As always, @WayTools , an serious update would be a basic step in the right direction.

I bought mine right at the beginning in 2014, and have yet to see it. I get that you want it to be perfect, but 7 years is way more than enough time to have a finished product, WayTools. release something already, and use it as a launch point for a v2.

Understandable, but it was 2015. So 6 years. Which is still very long.

I ordered in 2015 and was one of the lucky ones to become TREG.

However on the 21st of April 2020 the unit died. Mark and the team tried to assist remotely but this failed and the space blade was sent on a trip to the USA 24th July. Since then I have had a couple of calls to discuss the problem with Mark but no idea if I will ever see my beloved Blade again.

One thing I am acutely aware of is that once you have used a Blade all other keyboards pail into insignificance. Currently I am using a Keyboardio Atreus in the Walnut hand rest, it is a great keyboard but it is not a TextBlade.

Please can I have my Blade back home:pensive:


Laverda - we know the feeling of the withdrawal symptoms, and will fill you in on what we’ve done on a call together this weekend. Lockdown hassles are a great frustration here, with 8,000+ dead in Los Angeles, but we’ll get through it and restore service for you. Thanks


I know you guys are locked out of commercial buildings, and law-abiding citizens. I can’t believe I am actually saying this, but I have a spare prev-gen test unit that I can send to Laverda if you guys need it.

These things are (generally) so reliable that I didn’t need a spare as much as I thunk.